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An overwhelming interactive story that will touch your heart.

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Love, The App

because of its universal
theme, "Love, The App" story
is now as powerful as ever

The brand new edition as a mobile application offers a fresh and innovative look that keeps the materiality and simplicity of the original book, a handmade masterpiece created by the artist Gian Berto Vanni in 1954.

Love's temporality is unique. So, the application has one goal: to preserve it. How? By keeping the original design and hand made illustration that only Vanni can afford. It was an intense job, dealing with retouching and composition, but the result is amazing: the time passage in paper, set in a digital environment, creates a very special atmosphere.

"I'm very happy to have Love translated into this media. The fact that the app shows in their pages a kind of sign of the time, you know that pages are a little dirty and a little worn-out...

this is a sort of a very very delicate thing.", says Gian Berto Vanni, the original author of LOVE and the curator of Love, the app.

From its beginning to the very end, "Love, the app" sets a magical environment of interactions, paper-cut animations and a subtle original soundtrack that wraps the reader in the true essence of love.

Love's extraordinary message has overwhelmed readers of all generations for half a century. The story recaptures our capacity as humans to love, regardless of our differences.

The app is a unique opportunity to embark into an unforgettable emotional journey.

Let's fall in love with Love, the app!

She wasn´t a pretty girl



The story behind

Love, the app in the words of Gian Berto Vanni. The man and the artist behind the original book,
now turned into a magic storybook App for readers from all ages.

The original book

through simple strokes, vibrant
colored pages and paper-cuts, strip-ins
and peepholes, vanni created an
illustrated masterpiece

Italian artist Gian Berto Vanni created LOVE in 1954, and 10 years later it was first published in France by Laurent Tisné. Its original 5.000 copies were sold out almost immediately and since then, the book has been published in over 10 countries such as Japan, Portugal, Germany, England and Brazil.

In its day, LOVE was a book with a unique concept and the author was considered one of the first illustrators to experiment with animated storytelling.

"I became interested in studying color relations in time and I had the intention to create an 'abstract' book consisting of pages of different colors and textures, with holes that would provide a preview to

the observer of what would be next, he himself providing the rhythms of passage by turning the pages slowly or quickly, which would be like an animation", says the Italian artist.

Through simple strokes, vibrant colored pages and paper-cuts, strip-ins and peepholes, Vanni created an illustrated masterpiece that embarks the reader on an unforgettable emotional journey.

" off-beat work"
New York Times
Lewis Nichols

"…a colored graphic poem"
Le Figaro Litteraire
André Bay

One day...

The Author

enchanting, contradictory, abstract,
whimsical, captivating, powerful:
such is the art of gian berto vanni,
born in Rome in 1927.

Vanni began painting when he was very young and was able to study with many great masters in Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Connecticut. He was also a winner of the Fulbright grant, which took him to Yale University.

Always in search of creativity and full of energy, Vanni's work is known for its contradictory styles, abstract forms and vibrating colors, and has been exhibited in New York, Paris, Rome and Tokyo, among other cities.

However, it is Love, Vanni's illustrated masterpiece, which has enchanted audiences for 50 years now. This timeless classic has delighted and moved readers of all ages since it was originally published in 1964.

Now 86, Vanni who has been in charge of the curation of Love, the app, remains creative as ever. He lives in between Greece and New York, and hosts an anual open studio in Soh o with his prolific work.


Childhood is a defining stage for everyone, though we become more distant from it as we grow up.

Although our childhood years may be increasingly difficult to remember, this formative life stage and primary emotional structure accompanies us throughout our lives.

Stories allow us to travel back to our original identity.

A good story can have a restorative, therapeutic effect, similar to a scent or a recipe. In Ratatouille, Disney's animated film, we see the unrelenting food critic Anton Ego travel back to his lost childhood upon smelling ratatouille.

At NIÑO, we believe that a good story can truly transform a person. That is why we create stories that enrapture and overwhelm both small and big kids.

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